On Angels Wings

As Mitch and Miranda continue their stay at the farm in Summerberry. They revel in the fact that Miranda’s illness is in remission.  Yet even before they can catch their next breath another exciting event takes place, to send their lives into joyous upheavel.

Here is a peek inside this book as well!

     “You know darn well that was not what I meant,” he grumbled. “Fine! We’ll go shopping. Just don’t give birth to our children in the store!”

     Little did he know how close they might come to doing just that!

     He hated shopping, but if he didn’t go along with her fool idea, he knew she would do exactly as she said earlier—leave him at home and come back, and it would not be a fast trip. He never saw anyone pick up something, examine it, put it in the cart, and then change her mind and look at something different or something the same in a different color as much as she did.

     He had just about had it when, after two hours, they finally made it to the checkout with three carts in tow, filled to the brink with blankets, sheets, toys, and diapers, plus two of everything else she had spied. In the last cart was the rocking chair, which was in a box waiting to be assembled. Why did everything come in itsy-bitsy pieces in a box? He wasn’t really paying much attention as he started unloading the second cart behind her. He felt his stomach growling and hoped she would want to stop at Red Lobster again. That would be fine with him.

     “Oh, my gosh!” Miranda exclaimed, looking down between her legs. Bent over as she grabbed her abdomen, she turned to get Mitch’s attention. “Mitch!” she said louder this time. “My water just broke!”

     “What do you mean your water just broke!” he asked stunned. “Are you having contractions? Why are you hunched over like that? Why aren’t you standing straight?”

     “Well I would stand straight, but I can’t. It feels like there is something between my legs!”

     “Lady,” he said, looking over at the cashier and up at the blue number, “I hate to tell you this, but we need a cleanup on aisle five, and we’ll have to leave our carts right here. My wife is having a baby, oh, make that …

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