Angels Among Us: Taming The Wolf

Angels Among Us Taming Among Us

This is the continuing saga of Mitch and Miranda. After the couple’s marriage in Toronto, they return to Saskatchewan to deal with a family crises. After consulting a Doctor in Regina, Miranda is diagnosed with Lupus. Mitch and Miranda settle in Summerberry Saskatchewan while Miranda deals with her illness. What surprises await them? You’ll have to wait to find out!

A Peek inside this book as well:

 Days before she fought to stay awake out of fear that if she succumbed to that peaceful state, she may never awaken. This day all she wanted was peace of mind, a break from the pain and the continual agony of each day. At some point she did drift off to sleep. She was dreaming she was walking on her trail, a kerchief tied around her head. In her dream she looked as she looked now. Red and rashy, her hair thin and lacking. Her body emaciated and frail. In her dream she was once again looking for berries. There amongst the largest berries stood her grandma, Margaret Wallace, just a wisp of a woman.

She was as Miranda remembered fifteen years earlier. Miranda quickly ran to her, letting the older woman embrace her. As the older woman took her in her arms, as if by magic Miranda’s long, healthy auburn tresses appeared once again. Her full figure accentuated with curves. Her spirit bubbled with life and vitality. Miranda was at least a head taller than the other woman, remembering that her mother had gotten her height from Miranda’s grandfather, not her grandmother Margaret. Her grandmother was the picture of health now with her plump apple cheeks. Miranda knew she had suffered with cancer for a great number of years before finally being called home to heaven.

Pulling back slightly from the embrace, Miranda was drawn into the older woman’s eyes—the shiny, crystal sapphire eyes of a child’s doll. Forgetting all else Miranda pleaded, “Take me with you.”

“It is not your time. You have much left to do.”

“I’m sick and tired. Please grandma, please take me with you,” she begged in between sobs.

Her grandmother looked deeply into her eyes, as if she could see into the very depths of Miranda’s heart and soul. “Is not your life worth fighting for? If not for yourself Miranda, remember Mitch and the child need you.”

     “I don’t want to do this anymore.” As Miranda felt herself being pulled gently away from her grandmother, she heard the old woman chuckle, a merry giggle really. “Such silly talk, you’ll be all right little one. Just remember if you give it all you’ve got, everything will work out.” It was the laugh she remembered so well. It brought back pleasant memories. In the blink of an eye, a movie screen played out before her, and in the background a voice sang the words, “Angels among us, sent down to us from somewhere up above.”

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