Angel of Mercy

When A Loved One Has Alzheimer’s

Miranda Loyd is beautiful, intelligent, and compassionate. Her dream of becoming a mystery writer is put on hold as she pursues a relationship with a rugged Texan. When she leaves the ranch and returns home to Canada she makes a shocking discovery. Her beloved father is struggling through the ravages of Alzheimer’s disease.

Miranda puts aside her own sorrow and anguish as she valiantly battles to do right by her father. Along the way, she finds courage, hope, and an unlikely romance with her own Angel of Mercy.

A peek in the inside of this book:

     She made her way up the winding staircase holding onto the wooden banister to control her shaking and to support her steps. Trembling, she moved chairs, night stands, and clothes before she could even open the door to her parents’ bedroom. Nothing, absolutely nothing in this world her mother could have told her, would have made her anticipate what she would find behind that door. The bed had been pushed to the center of the room, and the furniture had all, but vanished. All that remained was their fourposter bed that looked like it would easily weigh over three hundred pounds. It was massive. The towering mirrored headboard had been removed, and replaced with a stark wood panel inset.

       In the very middle of the bed, he lay curled up in a ball, like a child’s toy floating in the middle of the sea. He lay lifeless, his graying hair disheveled. His arms were tucked in close to his body, as if in protection. He was in a restraint. Unlike a straight jacket that imprisoned the arms, this was more like a vest. His arms had total movement, and only the upper body was immobilized. This kept him from climbing out, and falling on the floor, yet allowed him to have freedom of movement. The vest, with long ties stretching down beneath the bed, tied him down like an animal, or a homicidal maniac. There was no furniture, except for one lone chair beside the bed.

     The two bay windows, on either end of the room, were devoid of curtains. One pane of glass had been shattered, and was covered over with bare wood. She couldn’t stand it. She wanted to beat on the wall. She wanted to pummel it with her fists to fight this unseen madness. She went over to sit beside him on the chair. She wanted to reach out to him, yet was afraid of disturbing his sleep. She gazed with pity at the form on the bed. His face seemed to be at peace, oblivious to the havoc her mother said he had wreaked earlier.

It broke her heart to see the retired stockbroker reduced to this. He’d always been so athletic.

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