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scan0003 peacedoveIf you have any thoughts or would like more information just send me an email. I’d love to hear what you have to say. You can contact me at   Thanks and have a great day everyone!      

      Lately A lot of people have asked me how come I like to read so much. I like to read romance novels like: Angel of Mercy, just for the ah factor, or I read stories like Angels Among Us Some novels like this tend to allow us to remember that everyone has things to deal with in their lives.  Then there are times when I like to read novels like On Angels Wings, just for a fast paced fun book. This book proves to us how sometimes we all have a tendency to always think the worst. Of course that often leads to wonderful surprises! Then I like to read about love, the sweet but often trying love that exists in families. I hope you find that between the pages in my fourth novel  In The Arms of The Angels. This book is now avaialable for purchase, just contact me by email and I’m sure we can work something out…..!


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Love Me

I hope you enjoy this web site. Here are some of the things you will find within its pages. The Biography Page is about the life of Cynthia Boechler Haas. The Food for Thought Page contains recipes and a few of the authors thoughts on life. The Book Pages are about the novels the author Cynthia Boechler Haas has written. On the Family Page you will be able to view pictures of Cynthia Haas’s Parents and 10 brothers and sisters. That’s right 11 children, now that is quite a group! You will see from the pictures on the Family Page how the love of two people can be likened to ripples in a pond. As my parents love blossomed they welcomed 11 children. Though each of us children dance to the beat of a different drummer, (some of us more so than others,)  along with our parents, values, beliefs and faith we reached out to include a mate. Subsequently the grandchildren from this original couple are indeed like ripples in a pond, spreading out and touching the lives of all the people they meet in other cities and countries. Be sure to check out the Food For Thought page. Sometimes I have something interesting to say, but mostly I have a lot of easy, tasty recipes. From all of us designers to you, enjoy! Love Me

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