Cynthia Haas lives on a farm near the small village of Killaly, Saskatchewan. She worked in St. Paul’s Lutheran Home as a Special Care Aide, assisting the elderly, as well as people with Alzheimer’s disease for ten years. For a few years she was an admitting clerk in St. Peter’s Hospital, before moving on to the Home Care & Community Services Department, not only in Melville, Sask. but the wonderful community of Ituna.   If you ask her she will tell you that every department was unique. Every co-worker precious with their own sense of humor, and she loved ever minute of it.  It was through each of these departments where she expanded her knowledge of all the aspects of the human plight not only physical but emotional. She has since retired and now, you probably won’t be able to  shut her up!  Hello World!

It is her hope to raise awareness to not only the illnesses that plague people, but to all the diffrent staff that work tirelessly behind the scenes in helping patients recover, and move beyond to a brighter future.

Angel of Mercy is dedicated to her parents the late Charles & Annette Boechler.

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