Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

Some people say that absolute power corupts absolutely. The truth is there is only ONE BEING that is and has true power. THE LITTLE MEN RUNNING AROUND thinking they have some type of control, will get what they really deserve in the end! Sadly history always repeats itself.

With all the turmoils affecting not only our country but the world at large. Money is hard to come by since the virus has hit every one for so long, simple acts of kindness do go a long way in making some peoples lives better. Sometimes so will milk and cookies. More often than not we forget to do the most important thing of all and PRAY for the people that are in need. God knows everything, and he is the only one that has a solution. After all we are just mere mortals! ha ha! Always keep your eyes wide open – God will show you the way – нeαrтlαɴd-eyeѕ wιde opeɴ- reαd deѕcrιpтιoɴ! – YouTube

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